2021 was a year full of challenges and learning. We studied how to adapt to a new reality, using resilience as our major tool.

Today, we envision our future through our four causes: Early Childhood, Art and Culture, Circular Economy, and Water Safety.

With the unconditional commitment of our team, we redefined our path and Grew Together.

This year we transformed the future for:

where FEMSA operates, digitally crossing more frontiers reaching:

It is our responsibility to take advantage of all possible opportunities to reaffirm
our commitment to promoting substantive solutions to the problems we face
in Latin America
Lorena Guillé- Laris, FEMSA Foundation Director


Our objective for Early Childhood is to create conditions that allow girls and boys to reach their full potential in order to transform their environment
by being happy, healthy, and fulfilled people.

A year in which we consolidated our three main axes.



Water Safety is more than availability, it is the rightful administration, understanding that having water in quality and quantity is everybody's right.

Since 2008 we understand the complexity of this subject in our lives. We seek to accomplish Water Safety, satisfying the needs of our communities from five dimensions.



Pollution caused by the leakage of waste into the environment is a problem that damages ecosystems, water sources, and soil properties while causing diseases in the population.

We established 4 lines of action to live in a clean
and healthy Latin America.


Art and

We firmly believe in the ever-changing power of art for the development of more empathic and united communities. Throughout the year 2021, we generated a 5-year action plan, contemplating four key approaches to build more empathic bonds.


How did we grow?

In 2021 we leverage US $5.75 for every dollar we invest,
guaranteeing a total investment of more than US $44 million.

Leverage Factor

There is still much to do!
The current situation in Latin America regarding this new reality is still asking for help.

This important responsibility which concerns us all remains still in effect; seeking to continue supporting communities and individuals in the future, implementing solutions to the basic needs of this world.

We encourage you to continue being part of this change, to continue working together with us for the development and
well-being of millions of people.

We appreciate the time, attention, and unconditional support you have given us to continue supporting initiatives that seek the well-being of those who need it most.

To the entire FEMSA Foundation team, without your work and dedication,
none of this would’ve been possible.

Thank you!

We thank all our partners, their support makes our ideals a real and promising work for future generations.
Thank you for joining us, together we will continue to grow!
We are a reality
thanks to: